Saturday, December 19, 2015

Las Vegas Part 3, Fremont Street and such

The next two pages both started out as two page spreads, but by the time I finished the first side, I decided I wanted them to be stand alone pages.  Even though it's Fremont Street and they should all tie in together, there were different things that I wanted to focus on for each page.  

I am LOVING the font Bougenville right now.  The rest of the LV2015 pages are a different font, but, oh well.  I don't care at this point :)

Wow.  Can this page BE any busier?  Not loving it because of that, but, I can't think of anything else to do with it anymore.  Been working on it for hours already.

Aaand I'm done with Las Vegas Deceomber 2015!!  And yes - this last page is pretty much exactly like the After Dark Fremont Street page.  I'm still not loving it though, but I am so done with this book.  It's either it is what it is, or it's coming out of the book completely. 

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