Sunday, December 6, 2015

Las Vegas December 2015 Part 1

Right now, this batch of pages seems to be hard.  I want them to still have an artsy feel, but I don't want them to look the same as the last batch of Las Vegas pages.  So there's my challenge.  I want to keep them more festive, since Vegas is holiday themed right now. 

 I hit today's Anna sale of buying elements.  The really cool flower branch is from that sale.  I love it!  I reworked this page, but still not in love with it. 

These next two pages were definitely NOT fun for some reason.  I struggled so hard trying to get them to look right.  I reworked them about a half a dozen times. I am not sure I will ever be happy with them, but  I think this is going to be the final version, because I am sooo done with these pages!

This one didn't take anywhere near as long to come together as the last two.  Anna Aspnes has a sale today on her templates (December 9), so I grabbed a few.  Actually, that's how I got the last two to be tolerable - Anna's templates.

This one of the horses was seriously fun!  I used a 12 x 12 Fotoblend of Anna's over the top of everything except the main images and set it to color burn.  I loved what it did to everything.  I clipped a subdued version of main image into a smaller column-shaped Fotoblendz and kept it black and used the black for a texture under the main picture.  Maybe I will steal this background technique for the other two up there that I don't like so well.  I will see if that adds any interest to them. 

This was my first two page spread.  I saw someone in a FB group say it was easier than doing individual pages, and I have to say she was correct.  It IS a bit confusing since there are entirely too many layers in this one document, but the laying out of it itself wasn't bad at all once I figured out what layer was what.   Individual pages follow to see more detail. 

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