Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Bellagio

This is a mixture of Anna Aspnes and LineA.Scrap.  The elements are from a couple of different kits:  Bow and button from Moments in Time by Jen Reed and the crocheted flower is from Melo Vrijhof from  I almost forgot to put in the "signature" courier text on this one!

I originally had used a clipping mask of Anna Aspnes for the statue on the right, but something with the layout was just not feeling right.  Then I decided to get rid of the clipping masks and just use a mask with a large soft brush to go around the statue.  I like this look a lot better for this particular layout since I like the feeling of softness and dreaminess that the soft brush created.  The original masks gave the image and layout too harsh of a look. 

I had a really hard time with this one.  I think what was bothering me was it was just so busy with everything going on in the photos and then trying to get as many pictures as I could.  I ended up deleting some pictures from this page and just left two. The ones I deleted had more pink in them, and even though there is pink/red in the other pictures, I wasn't liking the look of when I added too much pink/red/orange to the layout  Again, it was making it look too busy.  I knew I was going to have to do several pages for Chinese New Year, anyway, so, I guess there ya have it.   

Even though I think this one is a bit busy, there are a couple of things I like how they turned out.  I like that the main image had an object so I could wrap the string around it (and I like that I found the string in the first place in all my stash since I wasn't really looking for it).  Also, to me, the bridge looks like it wants to come out of the page too.  Mark is carrying a bag, so I hid it with the other picture.  

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