Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Las Vegas April 2014, Part 1

Updated November 12, 2015
I am crazy about Anna Aspnes' work and I aspire to be even half of what she and the people who use her design elements on their art pages are, but I know I have a very long way to go. That's exactly how I see their pages - art.  They are scrapbooks, but they are also so much more and that is how I want my work to be eventually. 


Though I am having fun learning this technique, I am also finding it frustrating since on some pages, I want to include several pictures, but, they seem to be getting too busy.  I see scrapbook pages that are crazy busy, and my ADD gets set off so much.  I had a seriously difficult time with the Luxor page because I wanted - no, needed - to include so many pictures that it just kept getting way too busy, yet, other spaces were way too bare.  This page has been altered many times from its original version and I think I finally got a visual balance going.  I managed to get six of my photos in this layout. 

I found a new designer today.  LineA.Scraps selling at  The two kits I got are pretty much identical except for the colors and one of the kits has a few more elements than the other.  I used the paper and the key only from that kit along with more Anna Aspnes overlays, brushes and elements.  This layout came together pretty quick, although I must say that once I had the tall tower on the right on the page, I wanted to stop there.  I really liked it exactly as it was, but, alas, I figured I should put a couple more pictures on the page.  

Next time is the Bellagio.  I took a million pictures of that hotel, so that will most likely be a million pages all by itself. 

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