Friday, November 27, 2015

Cocoa Beach, Florida, November 2014

I have a CRAZY amount of pictures that I want to include in my Florida Scrapbook.  I will be starting out with the beach itself, then on to the zoo.  Next, we headed to Tavares, Florida where we spent an awesome day with Mark's aunt and uncle.  To finish up, we were off to Jetty Park where we spent the day fishing with my father before heading home the next day.  

This is the cover page for the beach portion.   

Because I am most certain to forget I need to write this down now.  This bottom one is also two photos combined into one (the top one is also two photos).  The way the shells blend onto the beach was a bit of a happy accident.  The masks are Anna Aspnes, most of the elements are Scraps from France, Ocean.  The second frame is a selection of the first frame (which was a brush with a metal style on it) deleted on the background paper - which isn't really the background at all, but rather a top layer.  The photo was masked out of the paper.  

I am really loving doing these Cocoa Beach pages.  Each picture is bringing back exactly how I felt on that beach!  It was sooo peaceful!  

In this layout, there are five pictures, but the sunrise overlay on the top left is the same as the horizontal picture.  If you look hard enough, you can see a picture of waves that I overlayed into the layout - under the palm trees.

The more I learn, the more fun I have!  Of course, that also means the longer it takes me to do a layout since I am playing instead of finishing.  Oh well, that's the whole point of these software programs - they are meant to play.  

On this layout, I learned how to make my own masks (the proper way and not the stupid way I tried a few days ago) and how to save them (for my future reference:  create a layer underneath the image, clip the image to the blank layer, then paint.  Since the mask is on a separate layer, you can then transfer it to a new document then save it.  Yay!)  I used Glass Water style on the frames. 

I am really loving the technique of blending many photos together.  It's a cool way to add as many pictures as I can to a layout, although, one isn't getting the full gist of them when I do this.  Oh well.  This bottom layout has four pictures in it, but two of them have been recycled because I like the way they blend in (the frothy waves and the sand dune).

This page looked entirely different until about the last 10 minutes.  I found an element I liked (the wheel) then changed it completely to go with that.  


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